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Stop Sprawl in Ohio:
The Campaign for Livable Communities and Transportation Choice

The Ohio Chapter of the Sierra Club through the Livable Communities Campaign seeks to support transportation policy, land-use planning and economic development which is environmentally sound, safe, economical, and socially just. The Campaign is also working to increase public participation at all levels of transportation planning. The Ohio Chapter encourages environmentally friendly modes of transportation as a way to minimize our dependence upon the automobile.

Poorly planned development is threatening our environment, our health, and our quality of life. In communities across Ohio "sprawl" - scattered development that increases traffic, saps local resources and destroys open space - is taking a serious toll. But runaway growth is not inevitable. Urban, suburban and rural neighborhoods are choosing to manage sprawl with smart growth solutions.

Ohio Chapter Sprawl Committee

If you are interested in volunteering our chapter staff Ellen Hawkey.

Ohio Transportation Activist Network

  • News and information about local, state, and national efforts to curb sprawl and promote transportation choice.

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Ohio Chapter Office - 131 N. High St. #605 - Columbus OH 43215
Tel: [614] 461-0734 - Fax: [614] 461-0730

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